Grand Prix de France

Grand Prix de France

A tribute to the single-seaters of the 90′

Representing the very spirit of motor racing is at the heart of the creative process of this new work by Antoine Dufilho.

In this sculpture, the artist gives his interpretation of motor racing, he will pay tribute to the single-seaters of one of the most exciting periods of Formula 1.

Stepping out of its comfort zone, it offers a new treatment and finish. It plays on the contrasts: the fuselage is painted in black and the perforated base, in white.

The fins and wheels are in mirror polished stainless steel. The massive ensemble alternating full and empty,

reflections and black or white lacquer paint gives an incredible dynamism to the sculpture!

It seems to be in motion and gives the viewer an unprecedented view depending on his or her point of observation.

Despite the imposing weight of this sculpture (1 ton 2), an impression of lightness will emerge from the work expressed through the positioning and inclination of the plates, each of which is different.

“For this project I wanted to pay homage to that period of Formula 1 racing that made me dream in my childhood. Even if the sculpture is more an evocation of a model that could have been driven by Senna or Prost than a faithful representation, it expresses my love of this mythical period of motor sport. It is a tribute to those drivers and teams who nurtured my dreams as a boy.”