Argento Nautico

The Mercedes-Benz 300 SL is a 2-seater coupe. It is characterized by its butterfly doors. It is considered one of the most iconic Mercedes produced after World War II. The 300 SL model, based on a successful competition car, is famous for being the first Mercedes with fuel injection. "300" indicates the displacement of three liters. Interpretation aimed at lightening the model while preserving the overall morphology of the car, complexifying its vision of a multitude of curves. Reminder of the mechanical art of an engine or a car grille, offering a different perception of the model depending on its point of observation. Base - Polished solid aluminum Wheels - Polished solid aluminum Fuselage - Assembly of painted stainless steel tubes Dimensions: L: 70 cm x W: 30 cm x H: 15 cm Limited edition : 8 copies + 4 artist's proofs