Aston Martin – DB5

New sculpture using my exclusive Streamline technique. The lengthwise treatment lends it a rare elegance that is further enhanced by the raw metal finish. This mythical car, the faithful on-screen partner of the most famous of secret agents, is for me a timeless icon, and I’ve been wanting to dedicate a sculpture to it for ages. It’s done.

The legendary Aston Martin DB5, a living symbol of British elegance and refinement, inspires this unique work of art. Shiny, matte metal reflects the very essence of the DB5 andAgent 007‘s style. The sculpture is a graceful dance of curves and clean lines. Faithfully capturing the DB5’s iconic features, every contour and detail is a tribute to the legendary design of this luxury car, renowned for its timeless elegance.

The sculpture also plays with light, the subtle reflections on the polished metal recall the moments when the DB5 sparkled under the sun or the lights of the exotic cities where the secret agent carried out his secret missions. The work as a whole exudes a sense of suspended time, transporting viewers into a world where a bygone era of glamour, espionage and elegance – characteristics inseparably linked of James Bond.

But beyond its aesthetic beauty, this work of art is imbued with the deep emotion I feel for the Aston Martin DB5 and for the James Bond universe. Each sculpted element tells a story, evoking a time when automotive design was an art in itself, a perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance, just like the adventures of the secret agent.

This work is a celebration of British automotive heritage, timeless elegance and the fascinating world of espionage. In contemplating this work, we are transported to a world whereart and the automobile meet to create something truly extraordinary, an ode to British elegance.