Lamborghini – Murcielago

The Lamborghini Murciélago is an icon of the automotive industry, born in Italian factories at the turn of the millennium: the first Lamborghini of the Audi era.

This supercar represents the very essence of Lamborghini power and design.

The Murciélago’s bold curves add to the timeless charisma of this legendary car. I wanted to combine the strength of metal with my Streamline approach, which is focused on aerodynamic research. The car’s resolutely modern aesthetic lends itself particularly well to this treatment, as its design is made up of taut lines.

The longitudinal sections stretch gracefully, giving the work a singular elegance. Viewed from the front, it almost disappears as the light seems to dance across its surface, highlighting its beauty.

My sculpture pays homage to the very essence of the Murciélago, designed in the spirit of speed and performance. Every curve, every meticulous detail is a declaration of passion for the art and the car. In this creation, I have sought to capture the soul of the Murciélago, to leave the viewer spellbound by this subtle fusion of power and grace.