Porsche 356 – Asymmetrical

In the pages of automotive history, the legendary Porsche 356 remains a timeless icon of irresistible charm.

Here’s my new interpretation of this rolling myth. A few years ago, in 2017 to be exact, I explored this model, and it was the first of my longitudinal sculptures. I call this new model “356 Asymmetrical”. It embodies an unprecedented concept, resolutely focused on the kinetic effect. Asymmetry creates an illusion in our brain that is generated by the perceived imbalance.

Our brain tends, by anticipation, to imagine the logical sequence of events, and when it sees an asymmetrical object, it projects itself into the object’s movement, imagining it falling or rising. I decided to use this ruse in my quest to represent movement and speed!

Through this work, I sought to engage in a dialogue with the viewer, offering a dynamic experience that transcends the limits of the static. Every curve, every line is deliberately “unbalanced”, evoking perpetual movement within immobility. Transparency and the play with perspective guide this creation, inviting the observer to explore each angle to discover a new vision.

In some angles,“356 Asymétrique” is almost vanishing, but in other views it reveals its splendor through a different prism. In this raw metal livery, the bead-blasted stainless steel reveals a sculpture in perpetual evolution, where interaction is an essential element of the artistic experience.