At the heart ofaeronautical history, the Rafale fighter jet produced by Dassault remains a timeless icon, a symbol of power and advanced technology. Today, I’m unveiling my singular vision of this flying wonder. Inspired by notions of speed and acceleration, this sculpture evokes a dialogue between mechanical rigor and aerial grace.

My artistic approach was guided by the idea of capturing the kinetic momentum and sense of freedom one feels in the skies.

Every curve, every line of“Rafale” has been deliberately designed to evoke movement frozen in the moment, as if this powerful aircraft were in full take-off, ready to leap to new heights. The choice of depicting the plates as if they were projected backwards adds to the sense of movement it provokes.

Transparency and a play on perspective guide this creation, inviting the viewer to explore each angle to discover an unprecedented vision of the airplane.The choice of materials is crucial in the making of this work of art. Bead-blasted stainless steel, a symbol of resistance and mechanical strength, blends harmoniously with the precious mirror-polished finish, representing the elegance and fluidity of aerial movements. The choice to represent the thrusters in the same materiality as the base means that the elements supporting the plane disappear. This alliance between two opposing worlds adds a new dimension to the sculpture. The sharp stainless steel forms evoke the radical mechanical elements of the aircraft.

Rafale” stands out like a fighter plane in the sky. This sculpture blends harmoniously into its space, playing with natural light to create a different sensory and physical experience for each viewer.

Thus, beyond the simple representation of the Rafale fighter jet, “Rafale” transcends notions of speed and acceleration to capture the very essence of movement in stillness.