For my first presence at the mythical Retromobile show in 2023 I wanted to present something completely new.

To push the concept of optical illusion further than in my previous monumental works, I decided to create a sculpture that would blend into its environment. The idea of working on a two-coloured sculpture was born, so I decided to go for it.

This sculpture was inspired by the Porsche 910 that raced at Le Mans in 1966 and 1967. The streamline treatment in the length gives it a slender look and a feeling of speed to the whole piece. The idea behind my streamline series, apart from evoking the work of the wind tunnel, is to make the material disappear

For the two-tone treatment I opted to paint each side of the plate a different colour. A blue side and a yellow side so that the reverberation of the light causes an optical effect and creates an additional colour: green.

I chose to leave the edges of the plates unfinished so that the bare metal would reappear. The sculpture thus offers us the unique spectacle of being completely transformed according to our point of view. When viewed from 3/4 front left it appears completely yellow, while when viewed from the right it appears completely blue.

This effect gives a very playful side to the sculpture and the audience was delighted.