red racing

On the occasion of the Lille Art UP! Antoine
Dufilho unveils a monumental work.
Inspired by the mythical Ferrari 330 P4 of the 24H
of Le Mans in 1967, it is a spectacular work
by its size: 4m60 x 1m93 for 1.7 tons.

Yet, it gives off a feeling of lightness
expressed by a clever set of 100 slats
of red lacquered aluminum forming the fuselage.

The artist plays with effects of transparency to
360° between the empty and the full. This sculpture
is as if propelled into space and seems to be
in motion. The plates are not placed perpendicular to the base but follow the curves of the body, all from a different angle, they open like a flower that begins to bloom.

The voids between the plates increase and decrease progressively to provide an accelerating effect to the work.

The static object comes to life because of the kinetic vision of the spectator who wanders around it.
He gets a different interpretation depending on his point of observation.

This monumental work aroused the interest of the
city of La Baule as well as its casino, which proposed to exhibit it from July to September 2020.

Finally, the city of Le Touquet having taken note of it then proposed to install it in a perennial way in its center, in front of the most mythical hotel, the Westminster.