The Red Stream

The Ferrari 250 GTO is certainly one of the most famous Ferrari. It is also widely recognized as one of the most
beautiful cars in the world. More than a car, it’s a myth !

Antoine has chosen to pay tribute to this icon of the 60’s car racing by making a sculpture on a scale of 1.
This sculpture uses the longitudinal cutting technique that Antoine has named “Streamline“.

This representation evokes speed and aerodynamic research. The blades that form the sculpture seem to vanish when one
faces it. Its elegance and its mythical line remain perfectly recognizable when seen from 3/4 and when the plates
play with the light.

It is on the occasion of the Paris Motor Show of 2022 that this sculpture was for the first time presented to the public. Surrounded by 16 other
The car with the prancing horse was admired by more than 400,000 visitors in the space reserved by the Perce Neige Foundation.
Following the event, the Charles Pozzi Paris dealership gave her a place of honor in the heart of its showroom where she stayed for 2 months.